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Cloth Badge

Adult Scouters who have earned Globe Scout as a youth may wear the small "ribbon" badge above the left pocket flap. The Globe Scout Medal may be worn by both adults and Scouts on formal occasions.

Troop 1 was formed in 1911 as the "First Yokohama" and followed B-P's original system where First Class was the highest "Rank" that could be earned by a Scout. The early program was heavily influnced by the BSA program and after First Class the Scouts continued advancement by earning merit badges, but there were no additional recognitions. In 1918 the "First Yokohama" officially opened it's enrollment to Scouts of all nationalities and was subsequently directly chartered by the World Scout Bureau as Troop 1, International Boy Scouts, or just "International 1" as the Troop was called at the time. In 1924, with permission of the Boy Scouts of America and the World Scout Bureau, the Troop began to award "Star" and "Life" badges, as then used by the BSA. This practice continued until the early 1950's when the World Scout Bureau directed Troop 1 to undertake a comprahensive review, and updates if necessary, of the program considering that other directly registered Troops had one-by-one been forced to disband because of political situations, lack of leaders, or other unavoidable circumstances and this now left Troop 1 as the only remaining directly registered group.

The original version of the Globe Scout badge was designed in 1953 but the first "Globe Scout", as an official rank, was not awarded until 1956 waiting approval of the World Scout Bureau.

During the review of the policies, new Handbook, and proposed rank system the then Secretary General of the World Scout Bureau suggested the size of the Globe Scout Badge be standardized at 60mm. The post-war IBS Program, Constitution & Rules, Uniform, and Handbook revisions were approved by the Secretary General in 1955 and the first "Globe Scout" was awarded in 1956.

Since the new Globe Scout Badges were still being made the first Globe Scout received the smaller gs1 badge that was designed in 1953.

Scouts awarded Globe Scout from 1957 received the new 60mm badge. This gs2 badge was used until 1982.

In 1982 a gs3 badge of similar design was produced and this version was used until 1997.

In 1998 the fourth revision of the Globe Scout badge was produced and this redesigned gs4 Globe Scout badge is still in current.

A new gs5 version of the cloth badge is scheduled for introduction to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Troop 1's approval by the World Bureau to enroll Scouts of all nationalities and it's subsequent direct registration by the World Scout Bureau as Troop 1, International Boy Scouts.


Globe Scout cloth patches 1953 -

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